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“Resultz® is a safer and effective treatment that does not contain traditional pesticides.”

How to apply

Having head lice is a part of childhood. Now you can quickly and safely get rid of it with Resultz®. It does not contain commonly used pesticides. And it works in just 10 minutes.

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How to apply Resultz

Where to get Resultz® Here

What makes Resultz® different?

Resultz® contains isopropyl myristate, a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. Isopropyl myristate dissolves the waxy shell of lice, causing water loss from their body. Once they lose this protective layer, the lice dehydrate, become immobile and die. It’s important that all lice on the infested person’s head are in contact with Resultz® to ensure it will work effectively. Because Resultz® works differently from other commonly used head lice treatments, it may also be an effective treatment in those cases where others have failed.

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How do you prevent the spread of head lice in schools?

Head lice are a common problem among preschoolers and schoolchildren. Transmission occurs mainly through direct head-to-head contact. Other modes of transmission may include sharing headwear, brushes, and other objects that touch the head.

Take the following steps to prevent the spread of head lice in your classroom:

Teach your students to avoid head-to-head or hair-to-hair contact. If your students are old enough to have phones, teach them to be careful not to put their heads too close together during selfies. Selfies have been connected to a recent increase in lice transmission. Don’t let students share items that touch the head, including brushes, hair ties, hats, and scarves. If a student is exhibiting signs of a head lice infestation, such as scratching their head often, check them for head lice immediately. Head lice are about the size of a sesame seed and are usually gray or tan. For more information on spotting head lice infestations, check here. If one of your students was affected, remove any items such as pillows, floor mats, and stuffed animals that the student was in contact with for 48 hours. Head lice are unlikely to survive on inanimate objects longer than two days.

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